Top 5 Family Fall/Halloween Movies to Watch Together!!


I love fall and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays next to Christmas so we watch a lot of the ABC Family channel in our house! They are having thirteen days of movies on the Staring at the middle of this month and I went through and picked the 5 I know our family won’t miss and I am going to share them with you. They should all be just about appropriate for any age depending on your point of view, of course, but to me they are all just good clean fun and laughs with not so much FRIGHT involved! Just the way we like our movies around here. For time purposes, I am on the eastern time zone.

1. HOCUS POCUS ~ This is a story about three sister witches that are resurrected on Halloween night and it is up to two teenagers (one girl and one immortal cat) to put an end to their wicked reign! This airs on Saturday October 20th at 8pm/7c time!

2. BEETLEJUICE ~ THis is a classic and its funny! It about a couple that is deceased that become ghosts in their home and recruit “Beetlejuice” to help them scare the new owners out of it! This is airing on Sunday October 21 at 8pm/7C.

3. SCOOBY DOO’s CREEPIEST CREEPER~ The characters tussle with favorites like Count Dracula, Frankenstein and many more through this cartoon episode. This will appear on Wednesday October 24, at 7pm/6C.

4. MONSTER HOUSE ~ Three teens discover that their neighbor’s house is really a living, breathing, scary monster. THis is also animated and shows on Saturday October 27, at 7pm and 9pm!

5. EDWARD SCISSOR HANDS ~ One of my favorites this is a movie about a gentle young man who happens to have scissors for hands! This is a great one and also a classic! It appears on Tuesday October 30, at 7pm!

I hope you and your family find these movies as enjoyable as my family and I do! If you have any favorites please share!

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