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Bayer has been making breakthroughs with science from the past 150 years. Their products are carefully crafted for our canine and feline friends. With such a rich history their products like the “Profender for cats” are FDA approved and have outstanding and satisfying reviews from people all over the world.

They offer various products which can help make your cat’s life easy and without pain. To make it easy for you and your feline, we have listed out a few products that are important for your cat. As most of you already know all of these medicines like Profender for cats need a prescription from a doctor and without it, you might not get to purchase it.

Product Weight Age Usage
Topical Solution 2.2 pounds 8 weeks Monthly
Dewormer  2.2 pounds 8 weeks Monthly
Seresto NA 10 weeks 8 months
Advantage Multi 5.1-9.0 lbs 9 weeks Monthly
Advantage II 2 lbs 8 weeks 4 weeks
Droncit Feline Cestocide NA 6 weeks 3-4 weeks
Drontal Tablets 2 lbs 8-9 weeks 4 weeks

How long does profender last in cats?

To understand how long a profender can be used on your cat will solely depend on the weight and age of your pet. As listed above, each product is listed with the minimum weight and age criteria along with their usage. 

How quickly does profender work?

For first-timers who haven’t used Profender, after correct application, you will see the worms being expelled in your cat’s feces. These products are fast-acting and kill all kinds of hookworms, tapeworms, and roundworms. Post a month, if the re-infection problem still persists, then you can go ahead and try the solution again.

Is Profender for pregnant cats?

Yes, the profender is safe and effective for pregnant cats. These widely tested products do not harm the pregnant cat and its progeny (child). Profender can be used for your cats during the stage of pregnancy and lactation.

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