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Interceptor for dogs is prescribed monthly medications used to treat worms of all types, on dogs. Interceptors can treat and help remove worms like heartworm, whipworm, roundworm and hookworm diseases. Some Interceptors may also act as a monthly dewormer to treat even tapeworms along with others.

Worms being a common problem for pets becomes an issue at every pet household, and thus Interceptor for dogs has become an absolute necessity to protect your pet dog from these annoying things with a monthly medication that not only eradicates worms but in a tasty way so that, feeding your dog with this medicine doesn’t become a big task for you.

Interceptor For Dog Reviews 

Interceptor for Dogs is particularly best for treating Heartworm and users too prefer Interceptor for dogs over Heartgard and Sentinel for reasons. Interceptor for dog reviews claims that this medicine is easier to feed as it comes with a nice flavor liked by dogs and it is also preferred for it treats more types of worms like roundworms, whipworms, etc. According to the Interceptor for dog reviews, this medicine along with its new variant Interceptor Plus has not had any complaints of not suiting any dog compared to other brands.

Interceptor is a byproduct of a trustable brand Elanco that has been in the market since 1954 manufacturing products to support vets and pet health as a whole.

The minimum age to give Interceptor for dogs is 4 weeks and 20lbs, as each breed has a different growth rate compared to their age, thus the medication of Interceptor for dogs is done based on Dog weight and not age.  

Dog Weight  Dosage Interceptor Type
2-10lbs (4 weeks or older) 1 Tablet Brown Box
11-25lbs 1 Tablet Green Box
26-50lbs 1 Tablet Yellow Box
51-100lbs 1 Tablet White Box
100-150lbs 2 Tablet White Box + Yellow Box

Above 100lbs, a combination of Interceptor for dog tablets are used to treat them for Heartworms, etc.

Interceptor For Dogs Without Prescription 

There may be few sites and few shops selling Interceptor for dogs without prescription but it is not recommended. Your pet needs to be thoroughly checked by the vet before Interceptors are introduced and the reason being only vets can tell you if Interceptors for dogs is a requirement or not and if yes then the dosage.

A wrong dose can lead to excessive toxicity or it may not work as well, so do not try applying medications on your dog based on Interceptor for dog reviews, it may lead to more problems.

How long does the interceptor last?

Interceptor for dogs lasts for a month and the next dose of the Interceptor for dogs has to be maintained. The date has to be the same as of the first dose otherwise, it will lose its effectiveness.

How long can the interceptor be used?

According to the Interceptor for dog reviews, Interceptors become inactive after 10-15 years and shouldn’t be used after the expiry date as well. Though many people use Interceptor as a precaution measure, it is recommended that to get the medicine prescribed by a vet before experimenting as mostly Interceptors are used after testing dogs for Heartworms. 

How quickly does Interceptor work?

Interceptor as a deworming medicine starts acting on the body within 24hours of ingesting the medicine and remains active for a complete month but only a month. That is exactly why you mustn’t try to feed your pet with another tablet within 24hrs time in case your dog eats half and throws away the other half of the tablet.

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Your dog’s health can be a big concern to you and with the increasing vet cost, there can nothing be better than getting not just Interceptor for Dogs Coupons At Gomommacoupons.Com but also pet foods and other medications on discounts. Pet care coupons on the website let you save some pennies on the best brands like that of Interceptor for Dogs coupons with the aim to provide you with the best value for your money.

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