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Bayer is a well known Life Science company that is very well known today thanks to its history which is older than a century. Their quest to search for innovation has led them to discover products that help both humans and animals. Some of their famous products for animals happen to be “advantage & profender for cats and dogs”.

With regular treatment from Advantage, you can protect your cat against flea infestations and ensure they are always healthy! As cat owners, you always wish the best for your companion and hence would stop at nothing to ensure they’re good. Keeping that in mind, Bayer has some amazing products which we feel must be known to all cat owners. Here’s the list;

Product Weight Age Usage
Advantage Multi 5.1-9.0 lbs 9 weeks Monthly
Advantage II 2 lbs 8 weeks 4 weeks
Droncit Cestocide NA 6 weeks 3-4 weeks
Drontal Tablets 2 lbs 8-9 weeks 4 weeks
Seresto NA 10 weeks 8 months

Does advantage kill fleas?

Advantage kills fleas in the first treatment itself. As soon as advantage is applied on the skin of your feline, fleas will be killed on contact. Not only fleas but also the larvae and the eggs will be cleared. The best part of the advantage is that your cat doesn’t need to be bitten in order for the treatment to work.

How long does the advantage last?

Up to 28 days! Yes, that’s right! Careful application of advantage lasts for 28 days and protects your companion from flea infestations. In the initial stage, maximum fleas will be killed and this protection will save your feline from any more flea episodes. If the flea infestation is still present post 3-4 weeks, try again to get better results.

How quickly does advantage work?

Once you apply an advantage near the shoulder blades of your feline, expect immediate results in the initial hours. There will be many fleas that will be killed. As days go by, the results will improve and you will definitely see a good change in your cat. Many cat owners have given reviews for the advantage of cats and they stand by the good results.

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